November 6th Observing Session

This is my session from November 6th and from about 3 weeks ago. All observations were made with my XT10 using a 21mm, 13mm Stratus or 5mm Hyperion @ 57x, 92x or 240x.

First object was NGC 185, an elliptical galaxy in Cassiopeia. The listed magnitude is 9.2 with a size of 17' x 14.3'. At a dark site this galaxy showed far more detail then at home in my light polluted skies. No matter though, it takes averted vision to see this one and at home it took averted vision to verify it. Having seen it at a dark site helped in locating this one. It is roundish to elliptical in shape, and appears to be facing us. Very diffused edge and in the backyard no structure is evident. This one at a dark site takes averted vision and patience to get details. In the sketch I tried to make it very faint down to the bottom left.

NGC 278 isa Mixed Spiral Galaxy in Cassiopeia. O'Meara seems to imply that NGC 185 is a brighter galaxy than NGC 278, I disagree. I think NGC 185 is fairly large and thus its light is spread out where as NGC 278 is smaller and more bright. I am able to view this galaxy straight on with direct vision, though averted vision brings out more details. The galaxy is face on with no structure visible to me in a LP skies. A truly dark sky brought out a little more detail on this with a hint(?) of arms. The edge is diffused and at 92x the core is very bright and compact. Fun galaxy to get to and rather easy to find and locate.

A cavet on the next two items. I observed the next two items at a dark site (black) about 3 weeks or so ago and sketched them there. I did not record the observation so I went back to them this night to compare and contrast the two views. The sketches are rather larger then the should be but they do reflect detail that I was able to nudge out of these two objects.

NGC 7606 is a Barred Spiral Galaxy in the water carrier Aquarius. Listed magnitude is 10.8 with listed size at 4.4' x 2.0'. In the dark sky this galaxy was fairly bright, diffused and kinda of large for a Herschel galaxy. Averted vision helped with this one. In a light polluted zone where I live (border orange to yellow) it took averted vision for me to see it. In the LP it was still diffused but no core was visible. Easy to find, use a good atlas or O'Meara's directions are spot on. Looking at the sketch it is still too bright for me and if I redo it it will be a shade darker, not much, but a little darker. If I sketched it at home, it would be very faint.

NGC 7723 is a barred spiral galaxy in Aquarius. It has a listed magnitude of 11.2 and a size of 2.8' x 1.9'. At a dark site this is a rather bright, not the brightest but certainly not one of the faintest. It is elongated and has a tense, small bright core. Diffused halo with some structure visible with averted vision. In my LP at home as I state in the audio this is a very faint elongated or oval disk that requires averted vision and breathing in order to see it. NGC 7723 is one of those objects where the more I viewed it at either site, using averted vision the more I saw and discerned. At home the galaxy was basically diffused.

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