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We had an excellent night on Monday, December 14, 2009 and more on that on another date. The weather here in Utah has been horrible. Storms, snow and clouds. I don't mind observing in the cold, I just need some CLEAR SKIES during this new moon phase. Doesn't look like I am going to get it . . .

So to put some images from some observations from almost a year ago in February 2009, I selected two fun Planetary Nebula's to post. Both are not hard to find, and offer some fun looking at them. Both observations were made using a XT8 Classic, a 13mm Stratus, 2x barlow and a 6mm Plossl.

NGC 2022 a Planetary Nebula in the constellation of Orion. XT8 with a 13mm Stratus and a 9mm Expanse. Seeing 7/10; Trans: 3/5

This is a very faint PN that requires dark adapted eyes and knowing what a PN looks like to find. In the 13mm Stratus it took averted vision without the filter to located this object, but once I did and focused on it, the PN actually became pretty large, showing off more of its size. At 133x the shape came out even more, ensuring that this is the PN. 266x was too much tonight based on conditions. Not hard to find if you have a good star chart (top of Orion) and in my view it looked like a football or a Rugby ball.

IC 418
Planetary Nebula in Lupis
XT8; 21 & 13mm Stratus;
2x Barlow
Orion Ultrablock NB Filter
Seeing 7/10
Trans: 3/5

Fun PN to go to starting from Rigel. With my scope tonight at 92x with the filter in I could see the central star with averted vision. Direct vision would take away the central star while bringing out more of the nebula. Reverse was true without the filter. The nebula has a ring shape at 194x and is around the central star. Edge is diffused with some hints of blue around the edge, but mainly gray.

My sketch over emphasizes the size of the PN to show its characteristics, and I put too much blue into it. This is one of my first digital recreations from the sketch I did at the eyepiece.

NGC 2438 Planetary Nebula in Puppis
XT8; 13mm Stratus; 2x barlow
Orion Ultrablock NB Filter
Seeing 7/10
Trans: 3/5

At 92x this is a grayish blob in the EP and with averted vision I can see a bright core or star (not sure which) the shape of which is roundish. The nebula stands out in the filter quite well and is diffused across the diamter unless I use averted vision. At 194x the PN is larger and even more diffused and irregular in shape. I do not believe I can see or detect the central star here.

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