Some YouTube Sights

Weather hasn't allowed me to observer this month, well, the moon was out when it was clear. I have audio to add and I'll do that next week I think. Today I spent some time on YouTube and found some treasures I want to share.

This is called Sidewalk Astronomer and features John Dobson and is done by BullFrogFilsm. Love the reaction of people who don't view and those who do. May we each find a way to always do some type of outreach:

This one, Sky This Week, is a week late and they have posted the new one yet so I'll post last weeks so you can see what these are like. Simple in some ways, good for a beginner or if your like me, a Deep Sky Object Observer I enjoy the information on the planets.

Finally, here is Tonight's Sky October that shows some objects for October's Sky. I really like how they show the Great Square of Pegasus as a baseball diamond, and show a pitcher, catcher, manager arguing with an empire and plenty of fielders! Check it out!