Audio Observation October 16, 2009 Pit n Pole

Well, the seeing that night started out wonderful, and as dew came in around 12:00a.m. or so it got worse. Overall a wonderful night, with some wonderful images and a fantastic view of the Milky Way. I did some sketching and will add those here as I scan and copy them over. BTW, I will add another observing audio session this weekend and then I realized something terrible happen! I keep a scan copy on my computer back up hard drive of my sketches and on my photobucket account but I lost my original packet! I cannot find it at all. Oh well, at least I had them scanned I guess.

Here are the three sketches from that night. One did not come out right so I may rescan. Have to get use to how this scanner works at work!

NGC 40: The planetary nebula in Cepheus. A nice looking planetary where you can see the central star. Observed the nebula and the central star without a filter, my Ultrablock filter just brought out the nebula a little more.

The galaxy NGC 7814 in Pegasus. A nice looking galaxy that the more time you give it, the more details you'll see. Dark lane is evident and the shape was evident also. Fun object and I encourage you to take a try!

NGC 7510 Open Cluster in Cepheus. Appears wedge shape and about 20 stars are evident if I remember right (need to listen to the observation!). It appears to be surrounded by a nebulous haze, but with averted vision I could resolve more stars. I tried to capture that here but the scan came out rather small.