Audio Recording of Observations

No observing (I AM SO SICK OF STORMS AND CLOUDS AT NEW MOON and temps in the 50's in mid June!), but tomorrow looks very promising as does Tuesday. I had a great visit with Steve Coe yesterday and in all of our discussions we of coursed talked about observing. One of the things I learned from him is that he took a page and for each object he was observing he completely filled out that page on observing the object. In listening to my own observations on the Herschel 400, I find I am betting away from the enjoyment of viewing to get through the list. So, I am adjusting my observing. I will strive to get in 5 to 7 Herschel 400 objects on a session and then I will spend some high quality time on other objects that I will adapt Steve's observing technique on. I'm hoping on Tuesday to get some time out in the desert.


  1. It sounds just like observing from England! We're having nothing but cool temps, clouds and rain at the moment, it's annoying.
    Lucky you, being able to meet with Steve Coe, he's one of the people who was an inspiration to me when I got started with his Webb Society contributions and his Astronomical Tourist book.

  2. Hey Faith,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, it has been absolutely dreadful hear. The good news is Monday night turned out alright. No Herschels but I got in about 7 doubles, 4 globulars in the 8inch Bogdan/Clark Refractor and Steve Coe was doing planetary nebula on the 32 inch reflector so I snuck in peaks on those, and on a host of galaxies. Steve is a wonderful guy, truly knows his material (if I can know 1/2 of what he knows in twenty years I'd feel very good). He is talking at our club's meeting tonight about his upcoming third book, twenty nights of his best observations and sharing some of his photos he has taken.