XX14i at SLAS Star Party Comment on XX14i Azmuith/Altitude Motion

Well, I kept my word and brought the XX14i out for about an hour to a totally overcast skies but several people who I had committed to say the scope. It was set up next to the clubs XX12i but no views to compare it with tonight. Later perhaps, when skies are clear. I am so sick of the current weather pattern! It's summer!!!! The western U.S. should be under a high pressure dome that forms almost every summer. Sigh. Skies are looking good tonight so I'm heading out for first light to a dark site tonight. Gavin, a member of SLAS and on Cloudy Nights was there and checked out the attitude and azimuth motions. I asked him to send me an email or PM on his thoughts with permission to post them here or I hope he just posts his comments here.

Here are some images:

The XX14i does not have its shroud on, the XX12i does.

I'll try to get closer images next time.

EDIT: IF you have questions on AZMUITH or Altitude motion on the XX14i, please read Gavin's comment. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous7/04/2010

    Jay, it was nice to meet you and check out your scope. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate for us.
    My first impression of the XX14i was just how much larger it was than the XX12i. I was expecting the different to be more subtle, but to me anyhow, it was a very pronounced difference. The base is huge and having a modular design makes it very appealing to me.
    As for the alt/az motions I found the altitude to be extremely smooth, and azimuth was only very slightly "stickier". I would classify the altitude motion to be excellent and azimuth to be very good. Both axis motions are perfectly acceptable and when price of the instrument is considered, it is really a fantastically smooth, easy to use, big dob. I recently sold an Orion XT8i and this was every bit as smooth as that much smaller scope which weighed a fraction of the XX14i. Thanks again for bringing it out, even though we got clouded out. One of these could very well be my next scope.

    Clear Skies,


  2. Yes, I wish the clouds hadn't gotten in the way. It would have been good for you to see the 12 vs the 14 in viewing, though they shouldn't really show too much difference, just a little brighter and a little more detail perhaps.

    I appreciate your comments Gavin and hope others will find this helpful.