Observing Tonight and Possible Aurora Again

I am heading out to the Rush Valley/Pit n Pole observing site tonight and anyone is welcome to come along. Directions can be found in this link or in this link from my blog that has links to pictures. I'll be leaving at 6:30p.m. tonight to get out there and to set up since the sun sets at 20:32 or 8:32p.m. (YEAH, it's starting to getting earlier!!!!).

Your welcome to come out. If someone wants to follow me you can call me if your a member of SLAS or email me and I can arrange to meet you at the Walmart Parking Lot on Highway 73 around 7:00p.m. I got out in the backyard last night and had just a wonderful night, got 4 Herschels and just enjoyed viewing some old friends. More on that later. I should finish the other 9 Herschels I have and then its time for some Planetary Nebula hunting!!!! is hinting at the possibility of another aurora tonight (don't have high hopes) so I'll be watching for that and looking for some Perseids Meteroids which should be viewable quite nicely out there. So if your bored on a Tuesday night, come out to Rush Valley and hang out at the Pit n Pole.


  1. Anonymous8/11/2010

    Hi, I am observing in the UK and just surfing around for interesting astronomy blogs. Had a look at your dark site on google maps - your skies must be amazing! Hope you had good views. UK was cloud free last night for first time in what seemed like months. Really steady atmosphere too. M13 never looked so good. About to read more of your blog. Clear skies!

  2. Hello! Love the UK, one of my favorite places to visit but haven't been over in about 8 years (since I left that business career of mine, but no regrets).

    Make sure to check out the NEW LP maps found here:

    There is a thread about it over on CloudyNights which can be found here:

    The current maps were done with snow on the ground in the US so most sites (like mine) have improved their zone. I take regular SQM and Pit n Pole, Lakeside, Wolf Creek Pass all come in around 21.5 to 22.2 on the SQM (dark) and a couple of local sites come in around 20.6 to 21.0. I was talking with a friend and we complain about humidity, and seeing etc. and then we have to remind ourselves that despite the imperfect conditions we often have, we still have it really good out here.