Lunas Eclipse on December 20th and 21st, 2010 Viewing Together in Salt Lake City area

This post is meant more for local people in the Salt Lake City area. Sorry if your outside of that but I encourage you to do something similar where you live if you can see this event on December 20th and 21st.

So I am just wondering if anyone is wanting to meet locally to view this lunar eclipse, weather permitting? Naked eye is probably best but I think I may just bring my 10inch scope out to see what the view is like on some craters as the eclipse moves across the moon. If your interested please reply so I can gauge interest and perhaps pick a good spot in the Salt Lake Valley to view this. Your can see from this table from Wiki (we are the MST -7 UTC or second column from the left) that it will be a late night if you want to view this. You can see the beginning stages from 10:27p.m. til 12:40a.m. with totality starting at 12:40a.m. and lasting until 1:17a.m. That's about as late as I'll go because I have to work the next day. Anyone interested?

Event PST
(-8 UTC)
(-7 UTC)
(-6 UTC)
(-5 UTC)
Start penumbral (P1) 9:27 pm (*) 10:27 pm (*) 11:27 pm (*) 12:27 am
Start umbral (U1) 10:32 pm (*) 11:32 pm (*) 12:32 am 1:32 am
Start total (U2) 11:40 pm (*) 12:40 am 1:40 am 2:40 am
Greatest eclipse 12:17 am 1:17 am 2:17 am 3:17 am
End total (U3) 12:53 am 1:53 am 2:53 am 3:53 am
End umbra (U4) 2:02 am 3:02 am 4:02 am 5:02 am
End penumbral (P4) 3:06 am 4:06 am 5:06 am 6:06 am
(*) before midnight on Monday night, December 20

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  1. Anonymous12/08/2010

    Hey Jay. I'm planning on viewing this eclipse, however I will likely just be in my backyard. My young daughters want to see it and so we'll likely have them go to bed and then I'll rouse them just before the start of the umbral phase.

    Let's hope for clear skies...