November 2010 Observation and Sketch of Messier 31

I guess I need to find more material to post because I just am not having any luck with the weather. I had planned on doing some observing on Sunday night from my backyard but instead of clear weather, we had a very thick fog that came and went. Now the inversion but what is really smaug is settling into the valley and the pollutants are not good for any mirror. So my mountain sites just aren't coming around for observing yet for the winter, so not much else has happen. I did get down to the family cabin as we had yet another member of the family pass away (two in a month). So I got some time in and here is what I produced. Not much, and I am not happy with it. I can tell how far I've come from sketching large objects like Messier 42, or the Double Double or Messier 31. Yet when I sketch these and other large objects it tells me how far I have to go to being a really good sketcher and that is a FAR way away. That's okay because I really do enjoy doing it.

Messier 31, The Andromeda Galaxy and a few companions. As mentioned I used a wide field view and then the 14mm and 10mm Pentax for this sketch.

I did a further update of the sketch tonight and think I like the version below a little better. You can decide and leave a comment if you want.

Sigh, as soon as the weather pattern changes I'll be out, even if it is with a waxing moon since I need about 20 open clusters. Anyone else getting out this winter?


  1. Hi Jay

    I have an 14xxi and I love it, I live in Iceland so I dont have much trouble with light pollution. I usually drive to a place 40min from the capital.

    On 2nd to 5th december I made 125 observations of 96 different objects.

    After that the weather hasn't been very good, cloudy and rain :(

    I just started using to log my observations.

    You can see a pic of my xx14i and my astro van behind it :)


  2. Hermann,

    So you drive about the same distance I do to some of my dark sites. What direction from Reykjavik do you go? Your fortunate to have such a wonderful place to observe from, with little light pollution. Love your astro van and your XX14i. Thanks for reminding me of as I do like their format to log observations and I think I may start logging them there. I made an excel database that I've been using so we'll see.

    The weather here is lousy also, has been since November 4th when I got my last observing in. The amount of objects you viewed from the 2nd to the 5th of December is incredible, I hope next new moon the weather pattern changes and we have some good nights. I'll follow your postings. Take care.

  3. The place is called Krýsuvík, it's south from Reykjavik, so I get the southern sky completely dark. The place is located on the Reykjanes peninsula.

    Here's a map of the area, Reykjavik is up north.

    Yesterday I added a few red leds on the base for the telescope, it looks really nice, I also have some red leds in my astro van where I have my maps and uranometria. I used the battery pack that came with the scope since I dont use the fan.

    Here's a long exposure pic I took at that place earlier this year:

    I don't like the northern lights when viewing DSO.

    And some pics of my scope :)


  4. That is one beautiful site you observe from! Just incredible. Your scope looks very familiar! I was out tonight for about 5 hours and I think my favorite objects tonight were NGC 1360, first time for that planetary nebula for me. If you take a picture of your red led's on the base please let me know, I'd love to see it! I have a few mods I've done that last two weeks to me I'll be posting soon.

  5. I dont think I can view NGC1360 because of how north I live, I'm at 64°N

    I'll take some pictures of the leds for you when I go out.

    I also went out yesterday night, it was partly cloudy so I just took my small telescope with me.