Observing December 12th 2010

Well I got out to a dark site last night, and though I only spent about 5 hours there, and though I didn't do anything with the Herschel 400, I did get some observations of some new and old objects in. I'll post up what I observed later today (I have a root canal and dental surgery today in about an hour so it will depend on how I feel after that). My favorite object though was NGC 1360, which I observed after visiting NGC 1535 again. Here is my sketch and observation of that image:

I did this sketch with the Ultrablock Narrowband Filter to give a comparison of what I first saw vs. what I saw with the OIII filter and using averted vision.


  1. How bright is it?

    Do you need averted vision ?

  2. It is very evident with a narrowband filter on like the UHC or Ultrablock. The OIII filter really makes it stand out. When I first saw it, I doubted it was a PN and not a reflection or emission nebula. It is large, and bright. Yes, averted vision will show you more of the detail. Can you see it up in Iceland?

  3. No I can never see it here.