Observing January 3, 2010 Jupiter only

Well, it looked really promising at 4:30p.m. today so I suited up in my warm weather clothes and starting taking the scope out at 5:15p.m. and then my tables and eyepiece case, and my charts and sketching materials.

After I had set up I realized something that my son had said rang true. He asked me as I was taking out my last trip, my observing chair if I thought I would beat the clouds to the SE? I said, the storm came through on Saturday so the wind should be from the NW. My bad for not paying attention, he was right, I was wrong (and he LOVES when that happens) so by 7:00p.m. I was heading in.

I did not get any Herschels observed but I did swing over at around 6:05p.m. to the King of the Planets, Jupiter. It was low in the sky and transparency was not very good. The northern equatorial band was very evident at both 92x and at 150x. Averted vision brought in two of the southern bands that were lighter in color. What was fun to view in my opinion was not Jupiter though, Io and Europa were dancing tonight, right right next to each other. Ganymede and Callisto were out at a distance, but Io and Europa were right next to each other. First time I had observed that and it has made me more aware of what is going on in planetary observation. Next summer I'll have to pay more attention to what is going on with Jupiter. I'm hopeful to see Mars sometime this month, weather allowing. Happy New Year to each of you!

Edit: Sorry for the blur on the bottom; I forgot to blur the planet and not sure how in GIMP to readjust that. I'll figure that out this week. Also, I have my voice recordings ready to go. Does anyone else use a digital recorder and then upload them into iTunes? I think when I am off in for the last week of January through the first two weeks of February I will upload them to a website I'm going to do. It will be interesting to see if anyone actually listens to them. I may even try to open it up so others can upload their digital recording of their observations to create a share file (I'll approve the uploads though which will mean listening to them but I can do that in the car to and from work). I'm hoping to recruit a few people to help me do this. We'll see.