Updated Observing Form

After asking for and receiving some input over at CloudyNights, I have updated my observing form. I left the Conditions portion blank so I or whoever uses it can right down what the conditions are like clouds, humidity, smog/inversion, etc. I moved the seeing to arc seconds and included the Antoniadi Scale, putting in numerals I-V. If you don't know the scale Google Antoniadi Scale and you will learn about this man and the scale he developed. It works like this:
I Perfect Seeing, without a quiver
II Slight undulations, with moments of calm lasting several seconds
III Moderate seeing, with larger tremors
IV Poor Seeing, with constant troublesome undulations
V Very bad seeing, scarcely allowing the making of a rough sketch

I also moved the sketch circle to the right and added a cardinal point/compass rose style so one could label it with the direction of W and N etc on the sketch if one doesn't want to put it on the circle border of the sketch.

I'll be posting my open cluster sketches later today. Weather has been horrible so no visual observing though I did attend a Faulkes Telescope imaging session on M1 Teh Crab Nebula this last Friday and that was a lot of fun.

Observing Form PDF

Observing Form Word 97