Great Skies but . . .

Well, the last two nights have been great nights in terms of the transparency and very low humidity (which is how it should be right now!). However, I got glutened and that means I've been sicker than a dog. Very upset stomach (I'll spare you those details), fatigue, aches, very foggy thinking etc. Sometimes having Celiac disease isn't much fun. I don't miss most foods as once one learns to cook gluten free, and the freedom/improvement in one's health it brings, it truly is liberating. However, when one gets glutened it is not fun.

Also, we are moving right now. We went over there last night and I have figured that I am going to have to go back to deploying a few lights shields depending on neighbors, well one in particular. No biggie as the sky itself was darker than where we currently live. There are two trees, one acts as a natural shield to a street light that is viewable through a park behind the house. That is nice. The other really doesn't impact anything as the views are at about 10 to 15 degrees and that is too low for good observing anyway in my opinion. If I need to see that sky, I'll just have to move the scope.

I am finding though that I am spending more time at dark sites than in the backyard now. I will probably head out again tonight to a dark site (club has a star party at SPOC but I need some observing time; we'll see). I guess it depends on how I feel after moving a bunch of stuff today (moving my astronomy stuff, some boxes and clothes and packing up some stuff I may be too tired. So I apologize if of late I haven't had my usual amount of observing posts up, but the weather has been the number cause and then moving and being gluten will probably mean I'm out of business til after the 1st of July except for some double stars. Oh, I did purchase an Orion XX14i that will be here between today and Monday. I am putting a down payment on a 20inch Premium Dob. I have it down to two makers and will be emailing them to decide on which one. the 20 inch will go into an observatory that we will be building next to a family cabin in the mountains of southern Utah. It will stay packed in the cabin or if I bring it home in the winter at home where I will use it from time to time of course . . . . Exciting times!