Building XX14i

Well, is now 5:00p.m. and I am tired. Had to do a bunch of honey do's today around the new home to get it up and running and now I am very tired and fearing I don't have enough time to assembly the scope. I am off tomorrow at 3:30p.m. and once I get home will see how I feel. If I'm not too tired I'll do it then, and if not then on Tuesday. Man, I have never had this much trouble finding time to build a scope. Here's an image of the boxes . . . I did get the shroud, the three portable bags for transport, an Orion Lasermate Pro (their new model with the Cheshire, I want to compare to my Glatter and my passive tools), a RA Finder, I don't like straight on, a Telrad and the collimation knobs for the secondary, and a 4 inch Telrad Riser (tried of bending over and cranking myself into un-natural positions. Sorry, my Astronomy books are to the right corner behind the image so your seeing my educational books, my Tolkien library minus a couple of items and some other personal items on that book shelf. Man, I have to cook steaks for dinner tonight . . . I want this thing together like yyesterday! I think no matter what, it gets put together tomorrow so I can give it a test run several times this week.

Oh, by the way, we inheirited a hot tub from my mother-in-law that is a nice one and its on our back deck. Were about 3 weeks from getting it setup and working but we realized last night that there is a second use for my light shields! Yep, if we want privacy we simply put them around us and no one, and I mean no one will be viewing in!

Still Here New Scopes

Okay, just wanted those who read this to know I'm almost back in the saddle. Our move to the new home went well, and without major mishaps or injuries, i.e. the back is fine (knock on wood) and I got in the first of two new scopes, this one being the Orion XX14i. Star hoping is my preferred method of observing and will remain so, but for a star party etc. I think have the intelliscope will be really nice. The boxes are in my office and I am hoping to assembly it today (Sunday) during the afternoon. I will be taking pictures of the assembly process and will probably make a movie of several aspects of it as I get the scope built. I used one at a star party and was impressed with the motions and the quality of the optics. Certainly this is not a premium dob (like I have on order now) but it is not a basic dob either. Bottom line the 14 will serve a nice niche between the 10 and the 20 I have coming later.

The 20 inch I'll talk more of when it arrives with pictures but it is going to be for an observatory I am having built at a family cabin in southern Utah up around 8000 feet that we are inheriting. I'll leave the scope down there during the summer where I plan to spend some of my time off and then bring it back here in the fall for the fall, winter and spring viewing. I figure the 20 won't get a ton of use here in the north because of size while in the south, in the observatory that is secure it can be left up. Thus the 14 will become my main scope and my XT10 will become the scope I use for those nights when I don't want to set up the 14. Now the question becomes do I keep my XT8? I sold a XT6 recently for $200 that included the 25mm and the 10mm Plossl; the 6x30 finder scope and a EZ Finder. I used that money to order the collimation knobs for the XX14i, a Telrad a 4 inch Telrad riser and a Astro-Tech coma corrector. We'll see how all this comes about. I am leaning towards keeping the XT8 because it was my first scope (sentiment) and because it is so light and easy to set up and use. Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject of keeping it or selling it. Hopefully pictures tomorrow!