Observing Schedule for the next week . . . .

I said I would post this for some local people in case they want to tag along with me on any of my excursions from the backyard . . .

Sunday, July 4th Pit n Pole
Monday July 5th Pit n Pole
Tuesday July 6th Pit n Pole or Wolf Creek
Wednesday July 7th through Friday July 9th Depends on local weather. Possible Thunderstorms but those give way in July to sometimes very good conditions as the sun sets and the atmosphere seems to stabilize as the heating diminishes.
Sunday through Tuesday July 11th through the 13th Possible Wolf Creek excursion if weather holds.

One good thing is that besides a first light report, I can actually get back to running down some Herschels and sketching again!

XX14i at SLAS Star Party Comment on XX14i Azmuith/Altitude Motion

Well, I kept my word and brought the XX14i out for about an hour to a totally overcast skies but several people who I had committed to say the scope. It was set up next to the clubs XX12i but no views to compare it with tonight. Later perhaps, when skies are clear. I am so sick of the current weather pattern! It's summer!!!! The western U.S. should be under a high pressure dome that forms almost every summer. Sigh. Skies are looking good tonight so I'm heading out for first light to a dark site tonight. Gavin, a member of SLAS and on Cloudy Nights was there and checked out the attitude and azimuth motions. I asked him to send me an email or PM on his thoughts with permission to post them here or I hope he just posts his comments here.

Here are some images:

The XX14i does not have its shroud on, the XX12i does.

I'll try to get closer images next time.

EDIT: IF you have questions on AZMUITH or Altitude motion on the XX14i, please read Gavin's comment. Thanks!