Aurora Borealis Outing in Salt Lake Area

On Sunday the Sun let out a major burst of energy that should cause some Aurora's tonight. See this site. I know some are not members of the Utah Astronomy Mailing group or of SLAS but watch my blog. This is for local observers sorry. at 10:00p.m. at the Flying J off exit 99 (the exit you take to go to Tooele exit and Stansbury Park) and depart at 10:00p.m. from the Flying J to go out to the West Desert to try and see the Aurora. I may have to have a lease signed and IF I do I'll be doing that but if not I'm joining in and heading out with some binoculars with me. So if your local and looking for something to do tonight, this may be it. I'd join Utah-Astronomy and read the email postings on this so you can stay on top of it or in case it is canceled. I won't be able to post more on this until tomorrow.

Here's the latest plan:

We will meet at the Flying J just off of I-80 exit #99 at 10:00 tonight and then proceed west on I-80 to the Grantsville exit #84 and then north a short piece to get away from the freeway lights and the light of the nearby salt plant."

Well, I ended up not being able to go as I went to Cabelo's with my son to get him stuff for a backpacking trip he is taking this weekend. He should have a blast. By the time we got back it was 9:40p.m. or so and too late for the drive. It looks like no Aurora was seen as it was too far north.

Looks like Wolf Creek Pass for me this weekend. If your in the Salt Lake Area and would like to spend time observing come on up. I'm camping so it should be fun. Observe if the weather is good and then sleep in during the day and check out the equipment and sleep some more or more likely visit and get to know people, or read that summer book.