Observations of August 10th through the 11th 2010; NGC 6633, 6712, 6553; 7000, 6756, 6583, 6544, 6540, 6520, 6569, 6528 & 6522, 6118, 6624, 6445

Long time, and I'm sorry. Life has caught up to me in many ways but that's not for here. Happy times here. These are two days of observations, some done in my backyard, the Herriman, Utah ones, and some done at one of my dark sites, Pit~n~Pole in Rush Valley, Utah. I won't put them in any specific order, I'm tired and 6:00a.m. comes early. I have a review of the Pentax EP's to put up, some pictures of my 20 inch scope and my observations at Wolf Creek. I have a new idea I am pursuing as I am caught up on my Herschels until December (I'll hit them in September or October I hope) and it is a fun project. I'll share more later in another post when I can on that. So, material is there, so keep track of the blog because this is the week of updates with the full moon hitting and the monsoon is back here in northern Utah.

My sketches here will be originals and digital sketches unless I only did one or the other. I did not do sketches on all the items listed and I will post my observations for the ones I did not sketch sometime this week. Again, I'm back so here we go!

NGC 6118 Spiral Galaxy

NGC 6445

NGC 6520 Open Cluster!!!!! Yes, it was fun to view an OC again and this was a very pretty one. See it if you can before summer is gone! The original was on the observation paper and I did not scan that.

NGC 6522 and NGC 6528; two globular clusters in the same field of view and it presents a nice image and I recommend this as another one to view, observe and sketch before summer is gone.

NGC 6569 Globular Cluster:

NGC 6553 Globular Cluster

NGC 6544 Globular Cluster

NGC 6569 Globular Cluster

NGC 6624 Globular Cluster

NGC 6569 Globular Cluster

NGC 6712 Globular Cluster

NGC 6633 Open Cluster: Another to go view while summer is still available.