3 more posts. . . and then . . . that's all ?

Ok, I have three more posts to get up. One, I need to film my XX14i with the intelliscope darkened out completely and working. Yes, it can be done and I've been doing it for some time now. Next, a review of the Pentax 10mm and 14mm lenses. Finally, my posts from my last observing trip up to Wolf Creek Pass in mid August.

After that, I am not sure what I want to do. I have some Herschel 400 left to post up, and that was the original purpose of this blog. So, I may just stick to the Herschel 400 and let it go at that and then start a new blog or a new website. Or I may just keep this one as it does contain a lot of information on it about me and my observing.

I did start a new project that I am excited about. I am sketching some of the brighter objects or better known objects in dark zones and then doing the same from a light polluted zone. The objective is show how LP impacts the view of objects in different zones so that someone can get on and see that impact in two contrasting sketches. I'll include both the digital observations with them in both audio and written form so a full comparison can be made. Ultimately this is a project that I want to do for the fun of it, knowing that I'll see the contrast and knowing it will be great.

Another project will be to view a bunch of planetary nebula, since they are one of my favorite deep sky objects. Finally, I may start the H-400 II . Let me know if you have a thought on whether to keep the site to only the H-400 or to include my other projects.


Okay, after several emails and a few phone calls locally that people were afraid I was deleting the blog that is not going to happen. I was thinking of only moving it but based on input I will leave it up and going. I'm not going to specialize the blog but will leave it the way it is. Now that the work schedule is more secure I'll get back to posting some stuff this weekend. Thanks for the input.