September 11th, 2010 Observation of Stephan's Quintet and views of Jupiter in my XX14i

Well, I am out of order and have more to do than time of late. But I wanted to get this one out there. Last Saturday I was able to observe Stephan's Quintet in the constellation of Pegasus. The four galaxies were visible, two easily, the other two faintly. I needed averted vision to get the lesser two and then I was able to hold them visually. David Rankin of RankinStudios confirmed the observation and with his 25 year old eyes easily spotted all four of them sticking out. Here is the sketch digitally enhanced. I'll post the original when I have time in the next day or two.

Here is the original Sketch Inverted as promised:

In terms of Jupiter, I have had nothing but fantastic views of Jupiter over the last month. This is what David Rankin had to say about it (you can see his work at his web site located here. I highly recommend it, he is an outstanding imager).

"Looked through Jay's 14" dob at Jupiter..could make out the round shape
of storms within the storm bands, was amazing." Here is the link to Utah-Astronomy where you can see David's Quote in his first post on that thread. Over on Cloudy Nights David said: "That 14" dob Jay has rocks. Couldn't believe the details I could see on Jupiter." which is on his last post in that thread on his image he took that night at Lakeside which is located here.
Looks like we might be heading down south for the weekend to the cabin which means that even though the moon is past first quarter, I'll be using the 20" Obsession unless my brother in law has it pulled out (it is his month). More observations from the last two weeks coming, some video if I can find time to process it.