August 14th 2010 NGC 598 or Messier 33 Triangulum Galaxy

I have this and then another one of Messier 31 that I have sketched that I will hope to get up in the next several days. Not a masterpiece and I have not done a digital version of this sketch (but I have it scanned so I can do so now). But here it is. I was able to observe 3 arms and a bright inner core in the XX14i using a 28mm Meade 5000 UWA. It was truly a wonderful site. I haven't posted this because this is part of a project I'm doing where I sketch an object at a dark site and then sketch the same item in my backyard and then post them so people can see the difference side by side. I'll post the digital recording I made of each observation also. So, you'll see this one again at a later date. Also, I add the digital version when I get done with it.

Date: August 14th, 2010; 12:48a.m. MDT or 06:48 UT; Location: Wolf Creek Pass, Utah; Object: NGC 598 or Messier 33 Spiral Galaxy in Triangulum; R.A. 01h 33m 50.02s; Dec. +30 degrees 39' 36.7; Mag. 5.72; Instrument: XX14i; EP: 28mm Meade 5000 UWA;

Notes: Wonderful view tonight. 3 arms are distinct and the core is bright and viewable. Hint of other arms? This is a large spread out galaxy and it is easy at a dark site to understand why you only see a hint of it from a light polluted zone or even a yellow zone. Wonderful view. Some mottling evident.