Observing September 5th, 2010, NGC 524 and NGC 404 Mirach's Ghost

Here are two more sketches I scanned and processed. I will add the digital sketch for NGC 404 in the next day or two.

Object: NGC 524 Lenticular Galaxy; Date: September 5th, 2010; Time: 12:47a.m. MDT or 06:47 UT, same date: Conditions: Clear and Cool; Seeing: Antoniadi I; LVM 6.7; Instrument: Orion XX14i; Eyepiece: Pentax XW 14mm;

Notes: Very faint galaxy, round in nature and it has a stellar core surrounded by that faint and diffused halo. Nothing special here. See notes in the digital sketch.

Object: NGC 404, Mirach's Ghost: Date: September 4th, 2010 or September 5th, 2010 UT; Time: 11:00p.m. MDT or 05:00 UT; Location: Lakeside, Utah; Conditions: Clear, mild; Antoniadi II (location in the sky); LVM 6.5-6.7; Mag. 11.73; Instrument: XX14i; Eyepiece: Pentax XW 10mm;
Mirach's Ghost or NGC 404 is an easily see spiral galaxy that is viewable at a dark site with Mirach in the field of view . It has a bright stellar core and is surrounded by a bright diffused halo. Round in shape.