Sun is Smoking Hot

Not more of my sketches, but I thought I would share these three images anyway. I should have more of my sketches to share later this evening. I am going to post the originals and then upload the digital versions later as I have time.

I spent the afternoon with my kids up in the mountains doing some hiking and enjoying the fall colors here. I'll post a few of those images as well. On the way home it was evident that there was a fire near home, kinda of. We have a military base not far from us called Camp Williams. Well despite the 20 to 30mph winds today, the base decided to have machine gun fire and started a fire. The wind took the fire and now its a HUGE mess. About a 100 homes not too far from where I live have been evacuated. Hopefully we are okay. On the way home though it was very eerie as the sun disappeared behind the smoke and the actual light from the sun disappeared like during an eclipse. I haven't seen that or thought about it since my days right after high school when I spent some time working for the California State Park System and saw that a couple of times with several fires. Here are the images:

Edit and HUGE NOTE: I used a digital camera with a swivel display that turns 360 degrees. My back was to the sun and I only saw the sun through a digital display. It was an older camera so I figured if I burned it out, that was my issue. Please don't ever look at the sun directly.

Actually, these are images I took in the 20 inch Obsession of a protostar emerging from its nebula. Just joking . . .

1st Image:

2nd Image:

3rd and Final Image:

Here are some of our pictures from the afternoon which remind me that their is much beauty on the face of the earth and how cool it is to think this all comes from stardust; a supernova explosion caused all this wonderful beauty to come into being.

A creek with a water running is refreshing. One of my favorite sounds is that of the ocean on the beach or of running water in the mountains as it goes over rocks.

A hint of color above is starting to show. This was rather at low elevation yet.

Taken from an observing spot I use, that is in mag 6.0 skies or so that is a decent spot. I really like it during the winter as the road is plowed to the parking lot and at night, most people are gone. About 20 to 25 degrees is lost due to the mountains but that is okay, as that is a lot of gunk to look through anyway.

Fall colors above in the canyon.

My favorite shot of the day is above. Ferns turning golden with Aspen trees also turning golden made for a hike in this area just beautiful.

For those who have never seen the golden glow of the Aspen tree on a mountain side, here it is. The white bark and golden leaves are very moving.

I promise no more fall pictures, maybe. Now back to the sketches and other things.