New Project Will Fit with whatever your doing now!

Well, for lots of reasons I've had a lot of sleepless to only getting 3 hours of sleep a night. Good thing I love astronomy, bad news is the moon is at full and the weather will suck for the next week so I can't use that.

So, to occupy my time lately I am going through The Night Observers Guide Volume I and focusing on the first couple of chapters. There I came across again the galaxy classification and I decided in my boredom and as a way to occupy my mind and get it off things, to sketch the sketches they have in the book. Here is the result.

Not too bad for a quick job, but that is another item. I realized lately that in doing a sketch I need to only pick one or two items and just focus that evening on doing those sketches. The only digital enhancement I did in GIMP was to clean up the yellowish background and around the galaxies themselves by going to Colors, Auto and then Normalize and White Balance, which resolved that issue.

After doing this it led me to a fun activity that I think I want to do with galaxies, planetary nebula and globular clusters. I want to do an outstanding sketch that captures the classification of each galaxy type listed above, and for each Planetary Nebula using the Vorontsov-Velyaminov system of classification (which can be found here hit the arrow on the bottom of the page to go to page 2) ; and Shapley and Sawyer's Globular Classification as found here. I think it would be cool to have my own sketches of these classifications and it would help to reinforce them to me and thus I could use them more in my own observing and noting of my observations. Someone into AstroPhotography could do the same which would be a nice compliment. If anything else, it gets both the visual observer and the astro-photographer looking at objects in a way that they can be classified. So I'll just keep using my current lists and begin this project. When I'm done I'll put them together and see what we get.