Stratus and Hyperion Eyepieces for Sale

Well, I am not sure I want to do this, because I like how these eyepieces work in my 10 inch scope, and they are great eyepieces for my two teens to use when they observe with me. However, I am finding that I am not using these that often, if at all, and I don't mind if my teens use my premium eyepieces (my Pentax XW's) so I am going to post these here, on my club's (SLAS) website and if that doesn't generate interest, on Cloudy Nights. I do get somewhat emotionally attached to eyepieces but I am going to use the sale of these eyepieces to try and fund a couple of more Pentax purchases as I really like those EP's. These are for sale in the Continental U.S. only please. No over seas shipping. I reserve the right to change my mind on selling these.

I'm putting this here in case someone local wants to view it. If someone else is interested, leave me a comment and an email, I will send you an email and not publish the comment unless you request that I do so.

1. Orion 2 inch DeepView 35mm eyepiece. This came with the XX14i, and it is a fair eyepiece, having some seagull affects near the edge in a fast scope. I have used it once to compare it to a couple of other pieces. I still have the box, both end caps. I do not see any major scratches on the barrel or on the eyepiece itself. Asking price: $65.00

2. Hyperion 5mm Modular Eyepiece, 68 degrees FOV. This eyepiece I have used from time to time on planets when the observing allows, which hasn't been too often over the last year. It gets pulled out probably once a session to confirm what magnification the seeing is allowing. I love this eyepiece, though it hasn't been used that much (40x over the last year). I am going to go with the Pentax XW 7mm to replace this one. The barrel is pretty free of any scratches, might have one or two from when I did not use a brass tuning holder and I used screws on the XT8 and XT10. Glass is good. Asking Price: $85.00 Includes both top eyepiece covers, the cover for the bottom barrel, the bag, and the box. I also have the original plastic that held all of the items. On the bottom of the black EP bag, I did write in silver sharpie the 5mm so I could tell what each EP was when observing.

3. Orion Stratus 17mm Eyepiece, 68 degrees FOV. This was a gift and I haven't really used it, maybe 8 times personally, though I did loan it to a friend while observing together a couple of times to use. The barrel is free from scratches (like the Hyperion 5mm, may have one or two that I am not seeing). The glass is good. This eyepiece delivers wonderful views I if I hadn't had the 13mm, it would have been my workhorse. Includes both the upper and lower caps, the black bag, the box, the plastic that came with the eyepiece. Again, I marked the bottom of the black bag with a silver sharpie with a 17 so I knew what EP it was in the case at a dark site. Asking Price: $90.00

4. Orion Stratus 13mm 68 degree Field of View. Okay, here's the deal. I am going to keep either the 13mm or the 17mm Stratus for Star Party use. I don't want the public messing with my Pentax XW's. So which ever one sells first, I will take the other off the market. This was my workhorse eyepiece when I was observing with my XT8 and my XT10. The barrel is scratched up pretty heavily, because my holder had screws, and then I find out about the brass compression ring and that saved most of the other EP's. The glass is still fine on this EP. This eyepiece provided me with some really wonderful views and of all the ones on here, if I sell this one, I will miss it the most. It comes with its box, plastic wrap, black bag with strings (all of them have their strings btw), and both end caps. Again, I marked the bottom of the black bag with a silver sharpie 13 so I know what EP is which at a dark site. Cost: $80.00.