Snow, Clouds, Fog and NO Eclipse!!!!

The title of this entry summarizes what has become an all too familiar pattern this fall and now winter. Literally 2 observing nights a month if I have been lucky. My hope is that come the week between Christmas and New Years (closer to New Years) as the waning crescent moon sinks quickly into the west, that the skies clear for some good observing sessions.

I missed the lunar eclipse last night because of the weather, and I woke up with about 10 inches of new snow on the ground and cars. Man, I hate snow. As soon as I can I am moving to either southern Utah, Arizona or New Mexico I think for the warmer weather (though my selected spot in New Mexico will have snow since it is up in elevation. Utah was named the 3rd fastest growing state and I think with the lack of foresight in preserving dark skies, this state will become harder and harder to observe from in the future. Probably the real reason is that though I am a huge extrovert in public, and though I do enjoy people, when at home, I like my peace and quiet, my solitude interrupted only by those I love. I like having access to a nice size city, where there is a symphony, arts, rock concerts, and other outlets, but I like to live in a smaller town, more likely on the outskirts of that town. I don't mind the challenges that come with a small town, and there are some. My two teens are almost done with high school, one more year so living in an area that is not large is not an issue for them. They are moving forwards with their lives as they need to. I've raised two really decent, moral, and caring individuals. What they accomplish with the gifts given to them are soon to be up to them. I won't need to offer advice, they will figure it out as I have, though I hope to be around to ask questions to make them think if they ask for that. I can't live their life for them and my experience is too many parents try to do that. Asking them questions as adults will help them to figure out what it is they need to do.

So taking my teens to smaller area isn't the issue. I probably am 6 years from moving because I will assist them in gaining their college education (they must pay for some of it themselves). Where will I end up when it is all done and over with? I'm not sure. As I stated, hopefully a small town in southern Utah, or Arizona or perhaps that nice site in New Mexico. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to drop a comment.

Finally, I am not sure if I will have time as family becomes a major priority starting tomorrow so I with a Happy Holiday, Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or a Happy Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate, even if it is nothing this weekend. May you find the time to be a happy one because of who your with and may you have, and make very Merry on the New Year. So Happy Holidays and Merry New Year! Oh, and may your equipment work flawlessly, the scopes provide outstanding views and your skies be dark, clear, and glorious to view. Cheers to each of you.