Contest and Viewing of NASA's Solar NanoSail

My weather continues to be snow and clouds, clouds and snow. So in cruising around the NASA site I noticed that NASA's Solar NanoSail is viewable for the next month or so until it falls and burns up in the atmosphere in either April or May. NASA has teamed up with for a contest where the best image taken of the NanoSail wins $500 for the grand prise (and it's CASH!), $300 for first prize and $100 for second prize. This could be a fun way to earn some extra astro-equipment spending money! Here's the link to the contest rules and how to submit photos. Here's the gallery of what's been submitted so far. The contest link has several links for tracking so here are two direct links: Live Real Time Map of Sail on GoogleMap. List of visible passes.

So if you participate in the quest of the best image, or simply do as I'll do and look for the NanoSail's solar flares, hopefully we have the weather conditions to allow for this. Should be fun to watch with the weather's permission.

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