Where will the Space Shuttles End Up?

Space Shuttle Display at the Kennedy Space Center (IF they are awarded one of the three orbiters). It would show how the Shuttle was used and display it as working with the Earth and SS and the Hubble Space Telescope in the bay. I admit my bias to this one. It was my visit to the Kennedy Space Center with my kids that reignited an interest in science and space. For my son who is 17 in less than a month, it awakened a desire to do something in the sciences. I truly hope this location is awarded one, and I hope a site out west gets one since many in the west won't ever get to Florida.

Still cloudy and wet but I am hoping to get out Friday night!!!! So far the weather and conditions are looking good for that evening.

Congrats to the shuttle Discovery that completed its 39th mission and 145 million miles in space and had a successful landing. One question I've seen is what is to happen to the space shuttles after they are done? Gleaned from this article and several others here is the answer. First off, we won't know for sure until April 12th, the date that NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden will announce where the 3 orbiters Discovery, Endeavor and Atlantis are to be displayed and where Enterprise will be moving to. Discovery it seems and it looks to be pretty sure will be moving to the Smithsonian to take the place of the test shuttle Enterprise. That means Enterprise, Endeavor and Atlantis will be given to other museums to be displayed. Reading the linked article above both explains the process that it will take to prep the shuttles for their final flight, yes, they aren't done but their last flight is on the back of a 747 to their new homes.

What might these homes look like? This site shows what various museums will do in terms of displaying a shuttle. I like the Kennedy Space Center's display the best and it is displayed up at the top.

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