New Sketching Pad Light; Black and Decker BDCLIP-B

Well, I had to go to my least favorite store, and while there I usually go by their camping area to see if there is anything I can use for astronomy. Don't take me wrong, I don't mind shopping at Walmart, but I am the kind of guy that if I can buy something from a local store with a local owner, I prefer to do that, but I'm not radical about it. Anyway, while there, Nathan, my 17 year old son, saw this Black&Decker clip light with a red, blue and green filter. He held it up and said "Won't this work better than your big clip lamp on your art board?" I looked at it and felt the heart start to beat a little faster and sure enough, I had to buy it and try it out. It was only $10.00 with tax so why not. I also got the 3 LED replacement bulb for my two AA Mini Maglite flashlights I've modified and I am happy to report, they made the red light a little darker than the standard bulb.

Here is a photo of the Black&Decker BCLIP-B:

It is an LED light so that is good and it comes with a belt holder which I also really like and somewhere is a holder for the filters. EDIT: The holder is in the belt loop holder and they fit right into a sewn compartment, one for the blue, green and red filter. Nice! What I like about it is that it clips right on to my large art board I use to sketch on and I can put it on the right or left side and the light is right on the piece of paper I am sketching on. Here are a couple of images to show that.

I put a sketch I did from Saturday's observing to show how close this light can get to the paper if your using the clip to hold the paper. This is on the left side and you can see my left thumb.

Here it is with the light on, and yes, the light is bright and will need to be dimmed. I'm doing that today.

This picture is with the clip light on the right side with it turned on, and I am holding the board with my left hand as I usually do when sketching. I love the fact that it is light weight, easy to clip on and works so well. It works so well that I bought another today and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

I also figure I can dim the green light down and use that for looking at star atlases since green is a better light to do that by. Hope this little find helps someone else!

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