Working on a new site/depository for my Sketches

I have a new link to share with any who are interested. Before doing that I want to let you know that this new site doesn't mean that I am doing away with this blog. This blog will still function for now as my main blog. This new site is designed to allow me to put the sketches I've done over time. It is currently a work in progress and when I have some free time, I am trying to get my sketches uploaded. I can already see that I created pages instead of a gallery in the page so I'll have to see if I can correct that. If not I'll keep the Herschel Objects separate from the rest.

My ultimate goal is to include both my digitize sketch and my original sketch as I know some have said they prefer one over the other. The new link is called Interstellar Sketching and is located over at WordPress. It's in my favorite links. I have to thank Faith who over at CloudyNights recommended it, and who uses a site. If you have never looked at her sites they are in my blog following and I recommend you check out her work.

I am also doing a comparison with and that site is InterstallarSketching also. The issue for me is WordPress offers 3 GB of space to upload while only offers 100mg. So WordPress alone should be able to host my sketches and then some. But I'll try both and see what people think. Have an opinion? Please share it here or there. Snow is coming on Wedensday and just as well, sometimes life sure just sucks. Anyway, back to my normal go happy self now.