ESO Chile Telescopes and Milky Way

Well, I've seen these on other sites and since I can't embed on blogger, I will link them so you can go over to YouTube and see this wonderful images of the Milky Way from the ESO telescopes in Chile. What a wonderful dark sky! I downloaded them but it was taking forever to get them uploaded so I'll simply put in the links. If you haven't seen these go take a look, well worth the couple of minutes of your time.

Not much is going on, snow, and more clouds, and the moon when there are no clouds. Hopefully this next weekend things clear up for a week or so. Had a re-treatment of a root canal that went bad and boy, did that knock me down for 3 days after the treatment. Hurt like a bugger and I ended up taking the pain prescriptions which is something I don't like doing. Still is smarting but not hurting today.

ESO ALMA Antenna Time Lapse #1

ESO ALMA Antenna Time Lapse #2

Another thing I have been asked about is seeing the zodiacal light. I have been fortunate to see this several times, mostly in the spring or fall here in Utah but my last observing session with Mat a couple of weeks ago showed this affect wonderful in the Utah West Desert. It was easily seen as it came up out of the west and into the ecliptic. It is caused by sunlight being scatted by space dust in the zodiacal cloud. This NASA image reflects best what I see when I see it. I need to get my own image of it.

One last item. If your ever in Salt Lake City, and there isn't a lot to do and you don't want to contact me to go star gazing or its at full moon, check out the Clark Planetarium. The exhibits are free, the movies aren't but they are really cool. They have a IMAX theaters and a planetarium with shows. So if your burning to get a fix of astronomy in Salt Lake City and you don't have much to do, head on over. You just may find something to do or some money to spend in their gift store (I am in no way connected with the Clark Planetarium).