Pit n Pole March 31, 2011

I don't have the details for my observing trip last night but needless to say, it was just incredible. So nice to be out until after 3:00a.m. I am heading off tonight so I will be going to get some sleep but I thought I would post a few images from last night.

This is an aerial view taken by Patrick Wiggins, a leading figure in astronomy in Utah. It shows the observing site from the air and I think it is just really cool.

Just a view on the drive out to the observing site:

The XX14i set up for an evening of observing.

Here is my oven mit adaptation and I have to say it worked extremely well. It got down to around 27 degrees F last night and the intelliscope display did not freeze up or lock down. I won't have real cold temperatures below 20 degrees F until next winter to try it out there. So I'm glad to follow up and say if you have an issue with an intelliscope display freezing up, try the oven mit out.

A 10 inch Meade by Mark, who was observing with us.

My observing friend George used this setup for his imaging last night. You can see two of his images over at CloudyNights in the Beginners Thread here.

A wonderful sunset. It was good to get observing again though I had a few issues which I'll touch on when I post on my observing.