Herschel 400 II List

I know I've had some visitors looking for the H-400 II list so I thought I would put it up. Lists are interesting to me in some ways. They provide a way to explore items/objects to some, a way to earn the Astronomical Award for others, while for others (me) it just gives me s systematic way to go about observing. However, I am finding instead that I like to come up with my own projects or to take a constellation and just work my way through all the objects there.

My own project that I want am hoping to get started is to take some of the more well known objects and to sketch them in a light pollution zone say orange, and then to re-sketch/observe the same item at a dark sky site. Why? Because I want those who may not have the chance to get to a true dark site to be able to compare via my crude sketches what the differences are between seeing an object at a light polluted zone and in a dark zone. I want to shoot for 4 to 6 items per season. Winter was a failure and spring isn't looking too much better.

So here are the links to the Herschel 400 list. I have been working my way through this as I am in a constellation and for now, that is good enough. The links are to my Google Documents page. Herschel 400 II by sort and Herschel 400 II. The first link was set up to be able to sort it, but Google Documents may not have transferred that feature. Hope that helps someone.