Well, last night was a decent night but because of work, I opted not to go out. This post has some to do with astronomy, some of it is me just sharing some thoughts on a difficult day. Today is one of those days we have that is one I call a reflection day. A member of my family is in the hospital and is in the process of dying. He is 83 years old, a gentle giant of a man, and being involved in this process has made me reflective. One of the weird thoughts, well, its not weird if you know me, that I have when observing is how short our life spans as human beings really are. 80 years give or take a decade or so on average when we have a universe at 14 billion years and our Earth is 5 billion years old as is our own star, the Sun. As I look at objects and ponders what was happening in the history of Earth when the light left its source. It reminds me of how small we are and in the terms of the universe how insignificant we are. I know that someday, I truly hope a good ways down the road, I too will pass on and the very elements in my body will eventually go back to the Earth to be recycled and reused as is the pattern in the universe. I'm fine with that, as I have come to accept that and to be honest, death has no fear for me except if it comes earlier than I want. However, sometimes at the eyepiece I remind myself that though insignificant, we truly do matter to a handful of people (in my case) and I am extremely thankful that I can share my journey of life with these people and I do make a difference in their lives in some way. Here is the weird thought from me, in times of loss, I think I grow to appreciate life and all its wonders so much more.

So as we do our observing, look at the objects, I raise a toast to those I have loved and shared the journey of life with to that experience, knowing I am a richer person for their touch and influence in my life. As we look to the sky, may we remember those who not only have left us, but those who are with us and make sure we are enriching their lives as they equally enrich our own. Please forgive me if I drop off the radar over the next week or so. Family is and always will be number one and this will be a rough loss for the family. He has been given 3 or 4 days.