Next Weekend, The Wedge and Wolf Creek

EDIT: Due to some personal items I am NOT going to the Wedge this weekend (in September). Instead I am going to Pit n Pole on night and Wolf Creek on the other (learning towards Wolf Creek on Saturday though not sure). Same deal applies if you want to try using my 10 inch scope.


Here is an image of campsite 6 at The Wedge here in Utah. Campsite 8 is the site my friend Joe Bauman uses to observe from. Next weekend I hope with a few friends to observe from here. I posted about The Wedge last January in this post and now it has become time for me to go and test it out. Next Friday, my friend Mat and I as of now and with the weather permitting are going to head there and use the site for visual observing. It's about a 3.5 hour trip from Salt Lake City and besides the outstanding night sky, in the morning you can see one of Utah's wonders, The Little Grand Canyon before heading home (see my earlier post). We won't be leaving til mid afternoon on Friday so if your interested, leave a comment.

I am still planning on next Saturday at Wolf Creek also. It will make for some long drives but I like driving but if you want to hitch a ride, I have room for one other person in my Pathfinder. Also, if you want to use my 10 inch scope at Wolf Creek please let me know. As of right now the forecast is looking really good for next weekend so here's to a wonderful weekend of observing. The downsize for me. I need to come up with a new observing list. I only have the spring Herschel 400 left and they are not visible at this time of the year. So on to my next set of objects!

Stars on long exposure at The Wedge

Now we do not observe near the Little Grand Canyon, the site is a mile or two from the location but here is a wonderful link to a video on YouTube to show you the Little Grand Caynon.