Observing for September 2nd 2011 Wolf Creek Here we come!

There is the Clear Sky Chart for Wolf Creek and tomorrow night, Friday, September 2nd looks outstanding! Humidity is around 45% to 50% with temps getting down to the low 40's. Skies look to be the best we've had in a LONG time. I feel a LONG weekend of observing coming on. So here is the schedule:

Friday: Wolf Creek Utah. I should arrive around 7:00p.m. and will be setting up and collimating then cooling. While the scope is cooling I will be taking a 45 minute nap in the back of my Pathfinder. Please don't disturb during this time! :o)

Saturday Night: Probably either Lakeside or Pit n Pole, leaning towards Pit n Pole so I can be home Sunday morning.

Sunday Night: Pit n Pole because I have a family outing on Monday.

So if your interested in using my 10 inch scope you must contact me by 3:30p.m. tomorrow (I am working/teaching so I won't have the phone on until after 2:15p.m.) I will give a quick run down on how to use the scope and provide a 32mm Q70 and a 17mm Stratus to use in the 10 inch. Same thing if you want to go to Lakeside or to Pit n Pole and use the 10 inch scope at one of those two locations.

If your coming and haven't been to a dark site like these here are some things you need to know.

Please plan to arrive before it is dark. This helps you not to disturb night vision of those who are observing or are imaging.

No white lights! Red light is the key and it needs and must be pretty dim. You'll be surprise at how much you can see when you are dark adapted.

Whatever you pack in for food or drink you pack out and alcohol doesn't work at a star party. No fires either and don't go in and out of your car if your lights come on automatically and you haven't covered them up so the white light interferes with people observing. Last thing there are no bathrooms in the observing area (nearest one is about 1.5 miles away). Anyway one last item. The low 40's degree F can be very cool, because when you are observing your very docile and the only time I sweat is unloading and loading. So dress warm and bring layers. It is easier to take off some layers then not to have anything to put on. Bring some warm under clothers, then layer on top of that cotton (I use the hunters military grade long johns that draw the moisture away from my body and legs) then you can put wool and cotton on top of that. See my post on winter clothing. A good pair of silk socks with wool socks over them and a good hat traps heat in. DO NOT WEAR SHORTS, you'll freeze and head home earlier than you would otherwise.

What to expect if you have never been? A tremendous view of the summer Milky Way, many objects are observable naked eye and in a scope, details you'll never see in either the Salt Lake Valley or even in the desert because your up at 10,000 feet. I hope to see some of you up at Wolf Creek or at Lakeside on Saturday or Pit n Pole on Sunday.