Some Fall Observing Targets

Well, I have full blown pneumonia. My fault since I kept pushing it while I had bronchitis. I should have taken a few days off from work and rested. Now I have no choice. So I won't be observing for a week or so until the antibiotics (yes, plural) take hold. So I thought I would share a few observing items that you may enjoy doing from some other sites I visit.

Autumn Double Star Tour by PJ Anway located here. This is a nice tour of bright double stars with finder charts and a good tour to do with the moon going full tonight and being bright. Probably can be done in a light polluted zone as well.

With fall coming in a couple of weeks here is the list of fall planetary nebula.

Most people know or may not know that fall is excellent galaxy time. Here are some of the nicer ones:

NGC 253
NGC 404
NGC 488
NGC 891
NGC 925
NGC 1023
Persus Cluster
NGC 7331 and friends if your at a dark site
Hickson 92 (Stephan's Quintet)
NGC 6946
NGC 7217
7619, 7623, 7626
NGC 7814

Feel free to leave a comment and add to the objects