Pit n Pole for Friday and Saturday

I've been very sick of late with this pneumonia but I got cleared by the doctor today that I can go out as long as it is local. I was going to go and help my friend Mat with a private star party tonight but alas, it is too high up and too far away for the sleeping aid I have to help me get over this. So tonight I know that myself and several others will be out at the Pit n Pole location to observe and your welcome to come back. I was going to go to Lakeside on Saturday, but based on my doctor's input, and if I am still feeling up to it, I am going to go to the Pit on Saturday as well. Come join us if you want some decent dark skies and a chance to say good-bye to the summer objects and a welcome to fall, since it is fall!

XX14i at the Pit

Fall near home and the colors this year look FANTASTIC! Great red maple's this year! Fall is my favorite season.