Friday Review and Saturday

Here is an image that Jorge took last night. I'm on the far left and at this time was sketching NGC 7635. Jorge is sitting. Craig is looking at a map and Cory is looking at a list or an atlas I believe. Thus the red lights were out. Sagittarius is quickly fading into the west if you look close enough. It's truly not a bad location for being about 50 minutes from home.

Well last night was an excellent night. Met a local ATMer and fellow amateur named Cory. He was out with his son. Unfortunately but as it often is, fortunately the location at Pit n Pole was taken by an RV. So I drove down to the Pony Express Monument and went just south of there. I noticed a car on the south side of the Pony Express Monument so I drove and met Cory and his son. Cory has an excellent home built 8 inch scope and it was a pleasure to spend the evening with him observing.

My friend Craig came out and used my 10 inch scope and my other friend Jorge was there with his 10 inch dob. I showed Cory some of the basic Messier objects in the 14 and then showed him the difference that filters make in viewing nebula like the Swan, the Lagoon, the Trifed etc. I then got started on redoing my observation of the NGC 7635 or the Bubble Nebula from a year ago. I spent over an hour observing and sketching it and will process that sketch this next week and get it on here. I am very happy with it.

After this I started on my Herschel II list and started on some galaxies in Pegasus. More on that on another post. By 12:15 I was getting really tired from still getting over pneumonia and so I looked at the Pleiades and at Jupiter and then packed up. I am heading out again tonight for awhile and will focus on my list I have prepared and some Herschel 400 II items.

On my bookmarks on the left is a Google Map that shows my most used observing sites. I will be at the Pony Express South one tonight if the Pit is still occupied by the RV. It is a good site as it is about 300 to 500 feet above Pit n Pole and that means less dew forming (not that dew is an issue right now out there at all). It does mean if there is a breeze you pick that up and it did get into the low 40's last night. So as always, dress warm for the desert. If you want to come out tonight feel free to do so.