Public Outreach, October 8th, 2011/Arches and Canyonlands October 16th to the 19th; ATM session 10/15/2011

Last Saturday I took the XT10 out to the Stansbury Park Observatory Complex for a public outreach. Yes, the moon was very bright but I had a fun time showing the Alberio, the Double Double off in Lyra, NGC 457, NGC 864 and NGC 869 the Double Cluster, M13, M31, M32 and M110 and Eta Cassiopeiae which was a wonderful double star.

I had intended to do some double chasing this week and sketching in the backyard but the weather just hasn't cooperated or when it did (one night) I had something planned.

I am going to Arches National Park and Canyonlands for the next four days and I am taking the 20" Obsession. My days are packed with hiking and horseback riding and some other outside activities, but two nights I'll be observing with the 20". I am very excited for the opportunity to take this scope out in the field and I'll report back on that when I return. So I hope the weather clears up in Utah for new moon as it is not looking good right now. I am planning on a trip down to Notch Peak weather allowing after I get back so that should be a wonderful experience as well. If your local and would like to join in the Notch Peak trip drop a comment and I can get in touch with you as the details come together. Keep exploring the night sky!

I forgot to mention that my friend Mat had his monthly ATM session today and there were two people who showed up who are wanting help building a scope around the mirrors they already have. Another, Justin, showed up and he took the coating off his 8 inch mirror and that was fun to watch. Justin is going to build an 18 inch mirror and I am anxious to watch that since I think I am going to build a new system for the 14 inch once I get the Zambuto mirror. I didn't take my chair or work on the 8 inch mirror Mat has for me because of time and a commitment I had with my two adult (well 1 is a senior in high school) children. Anyway, all I did today was to mod my XT10 base by adding two rather large metal washers to the bottom bolt with a milk jug washer under them, and then about 7 more milk jug washers above them. My azimuth motions are pretty smooth now, as the Teflon on the bottom just barely make contact with the base board. Great mod to do if you own a non-Intelliscope Orion dob.