Jay's Carl Zambuto 14" Mirror and ATM Project

Many know that a while ago I ordered a 14" Carl Zambuto mirror to replace the 14" diameter, 2" thick mirror that is in the XX14i I have now. Well, today Carl sent me this image in email with the title of polishing. Now I am getting excited, very excited. I have seen what a Zambuto mirror does and can't wait to have it to view in the 14". This means I will be making some adjustments to the 14" because of the loss of 6 to 7 lbs in the mirror. In review solutions my friend Mat and I have several that will ensure the point of balance works and I'll be adding some counter weights to the back of the scope to balance it out. I'll be posting more on this as I get the mirror and I make the mods. That will happen rather quickly as I don't want to miss out on any spring observing. Here is the image and look for more posts on this over the next couple of months. Boy that looks a lot thinner than the 2 inches thick mirror I have now, and smoothness, I can anticipate how smooth the mirror will be.

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