Sketches of Recent Supernova/Compare of M95 Before vs After

I have some process and collecting of data but I did get out again, for about 4 hours on Sunday night. So once I have those items put together I'll post that. Instead I thought I would do a simple post of SN2012aw in Messier 59, in the constellation of Leo, a Type IIP Supernova that came from a Red Giant about 8 solar masses, which is on the end of the mass scale for a star to generate a supernova (though material may have been ejected before by the star lowering its mass). On February 18th, (you can go back and look) I did a sketch of Messier 95 with no supernova. Then on March 22nd, I did another with the supernova so I thought I would include those. It is rather wild in my mind that the light from that supernova took about 33 million years to get here and it was just 34 days or so before I saw it from February. Just goes to show that one never knows what the universe is going to reveal and when!

The other sketch will be the Type Ib supernova in NGC 4790 in Virgo.

Here is M95 from the night of February 18, 2012:

Then here is Messier 95 with SN2012aw from the night of March 22nd, 2012 (around 1:30 a.m. MST or 07:30 UT).

Here is NGC 4790 in Virgo with SN2012au.

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