Another Adaptation on the Scope

Well for those who don't know it, Dennis can use new parts if you want or he can do what he so often does  which is to use the spider, secondary, mirror cell and primary of your current scope to make the new scope (I hope I didn't leave anything off!).  Here you can see how Dennis adapted the spider and secondary so that they work together to improve collimation.  Here is the image and the note from Dennis. I find it interesting how Dennis has really mastered the design of his build but is always seeking to tweak and improve it depending on the project. Not how he included the Bob's Knobs I had installed.

". . . the attached picture is the way your spider and secondary go together. Notice the spring on the top. It'll let you collimate quite easily. Make the spring TIGHT as the bolt is slightly smaller than the hole. It'll be more stable. Play with it, Not too tight!!"

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