Finished 14" DobStuff

Well Dennis has sure delivered on this scope. Here is what he said in his email to me:

"Hi Jay. Here's some pictures of your 14" telescope completed. I'll use it again tonight then begin packaging it tomorrow and over the weekend.

I used my laser collimator to test the strut flex with the strings installed. There is NONE!! The red-dot of the laser stays right in the center of the mirror. The motions are beautiful. Buttery smooth. I use Lemon Oil Pledge to lubricate the bearings and it works great. You can get it at Costco or any supermarket.

I'm very pleased with the telescope. Love the look and feel. The Zambuto mirror is excellent."

I am extremely pleased with the look and with the fact that there is no collimation shift from the strut flex. I'm also very excited of Dennis' description of the motions.  Bottom line, I definitely  feel like a kid waiting for that Christmas Day to open his packages! Remember that Heinz Ketchup commercial called "Anticipation?" That is how I am feeling.  Below are the images of the completed scope that Dennis shared with me. Oh, the wire coming down from the secondary is an anti-dew heater.

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  1. Hi Jay - the scope looks great! One small suggestion I have is if you can ask Dennis if it's possible to round the edges of the focuser plate? This isn't a big issue, but thought I'd bring it up in case it's a quick thing Dennis can do.

    I found the corners a bit sharp myself. I've since upgraded the focuser on my scope - it has a larger base footprint than the original, and I have it rotated 45 degrees so it's a non-issue for me now.

    I didn't want to start posting tweaking suggestions on CN and make it look like I was critical of Dennis' design (I love my DobStuff scope!). But as we all know, dobs are infinitely tweakable :)