Transporting my 14" Dobstuff and the Upper OTA

Well, Dennis Steele at DobStuff read the review last night and found a solution for me on transporting my upper OTA and in storing it.  See, this is wonderful level of service and business that Dennis puts into his after delivery support.  So here is an image of the solution.

These are travel struts. These are three 17" struts you would use when storing or transporting the telescope. They screw in like the regular struts, aren't powder coated since we just use them for storage and transportation and they keep a scope like my version, a non-easy transport version with the full strut pole length. I love this easy solution since it ensures that the upper OTA is secured, the secondary is safe and it keeps the scope all together.  So if you own a Dobstuff dob that is a full length strut here is an easy solution for storage and transport while keeping the upper OTA safe. The only thing that comes off are the Alt bearings which easily go on. So with this I would need to make only a carry case for the strut poles and then a nice case to hold the alt bearings.Thanks Dennis for following up with such a wonderful idea. Contact Dennis if your interested in this setup.

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