Moon Rise and Set Times for Utah

I have an link to a document I created in Word and uploaded to my Google Documents. With this link you can see it. I'll also post it here for those of you who observe in Utah. I went to the U.S. Navy Observatory page located here and I put in my information and created the table for the moon rise and set times. I then copied it to Word, saved it as a text and imported that text into Word, adding in the titles and headers. I then went into Word and highlighted in yellow (using the highlighter tool) the days when one could observe DSO's and then put the new moon as a teal day. Here is what the table looks like. Again you can click on it to make it larger as this is a screen shot of the document.

Hopefully this helps me in planning out my observing days and when I want to actually go to some of the darkest skies available in Utah. Hope this idea helps someone out there as well. It is based for Riverton, Utah, near where I live but is close enough that I will use it like I do every year for northern Utah as a guide.

I have another post on my dew equipment but I have been quite sick this week with a stomach virus, or I ate something that was bad, or possible something worse (I'll know on Thursday) so I am just hoping I ate something bad or have a stomach virus and that is all it is. I'll get that post up as soon as I can. Then I am hoping to have a new toy to share a review about here in a week or two.