Music of Copland for Observing

Cassini-Huygens Liftoff

Well, this is another one of those reflection posts but this time I am going to keep it short. Tonight I took the night off from doing work, astronomy/observing stuff/ATM stuff or even being around my kids. I have to run and put gas in my car tonight but other than that I am just relaxing. One, no, though I love music, in many forms and styles and types, I find at times that I really enjoy classical music (new age like George Winston and William Ackerman and others also). My favorite composer is Aaron Copland because his music reaches me and touches my soul. I'll be 47 in a few months and I know I have fewer years ahead of me than behind me, and I've touches on that, but Copland's music just gives me hope, confidence and faith in the ability of the common people of this earth to prevail. So tonight I am going to simply share some of my favorite pieces that I relax, work to and that when alone, I observe to.

My favorite piece that Copland expounded upon is called The Promise of Living. The orchestral version is located at this link over on YouTube. Originally this was a piece in an opera I believe and is a choral piece. If you want to watch and hear the choral piece that link over at YouTube is located here. The orchestral piece is the most moving to me personally. The message of the choral pieces that working together, and sharing of what we having, of growing beyond ourselves and loving others though is a very strong message and humanistic. I guess though tonight it is the orchestral piece that moved me because it made me think of my father-in-law who passed away this last August. My children basically were watched over, served and loved by him until they went to school, and then because of work, he often dropped them off or picked them up. He was perhaps the most devoted man to his wife, the most caring, the most patient and the humblest man I have truly ever known. He worked, and from his work he shared what he created with others, his family, neighbors and others. He was a true Master in woodworking and he farmed for most of his life. When I was observing in the backyard, he always came out for about 15 minutes to look at what I was viewing and was amazed at what he saw. So listen to both, and you can decide which version you prefer. I like the orchestral one because I can make my own meaning from that version.

I thoroughly enjoy The Quiet City also for the reflective mood, and the hope that the super fast pace of our lives can slow down enough so that we who live in the cities or in suburbia can find some "Quiet Time." Here is the link to YouTube. For me while observing, both pieces provide me with a peace and an enjoyment of what I am observing, reminding me of my own smallness in this vast universe.

Fanfare for the Common Man came out in WWII and it was suggested that it be called Fanfare for the Common Solider. Copland nailed this by calling it for the Comman Man. One person commenting of this video makes an excellent connection with the music and the moon landings. Both were truly accomplished by the common man being behind the effort to get there. For that matter, I think our space program, our outreach, even our personal observing is to remind the common man of our place in the universe. I also think it inspires the common man and woman to be more than they are; the programs elevate us to our better nature. Here is the link for that video (forgive the aliens at the end, it is the only part I don't like). Also here is a link for a version that has several record recordings of Fanfare for the Common Man linked to the Shuttle and Apollo Program.

Now that I shared that, I could keep going and share my favorite hard rock, new age etc. music but I won't. I like observing with just the sounds of nature, I also like having music at times. Whatever you do, I hope you find ways to enjoy your time under the universe.