Update Final Exam for Astronomy 101 with Answers and Other Study Aids

Okay, not much observing is going on and the reason for that is partially the weather, its been cloudy and rain/snow mix (snow melts right away), and then I've been swamped with other responsibilities so I'm tired at night and thus haven't done much lunar or double observing this moon period. I was going to start posting on my lunar and double sessions but we'll have to wait til later this month I guess. I am hoping the 17th and 18th are good and right now the forecast is looking good for those dates, but it is far enough out we'll see what comes to pass. If the dates hold, I'll be out observing.

I am having trouble sleeping at times (the heat kicks on and I don't like to sleep in an area with warm air, it wakes me up) so I was browsing the web and I found this Final Exam from an Astronomy 101 class from 2007. It's long, 100 questions but they are all multiple choice and the test comes with an answer key. So IF your up to the challenge and want to test what you know about basic Astronomy related objects and topics, head over to this link and take the test! It's in Google Documents so you can download it if you want also (not my Google Documents). I'm not sure if the test will awaken me more, and make it to where I don't get the final two hours of sleep tonight or if it will put me back to sleep. Anyway, I just thought it is a fun thing to do. Enjoy!

Edit: 12/20/2017

Seems my Google Doc expired or died so here are some study guides to a Astronomy 101 Final Exam:

LINK 1 Spring 2009 San Diego State
LINK 2 Vanderbelt University 4 Study Guides Old Exams
LINK 3 Quizlet Astronomy Flashcards 1
LINK 4 Quizlet Astronomy 101
LINK 5 Quizlet Astronomy 101 Study Sets Match (multiple study flashcards by multiple people)

If your a student, create a free Quizlet account. I use it as a trainer of educators for building study guides and ways to study.  Hope these help.