Two more Sketches from 5/19/2012 Pit n Pole

While, I finally processed the last two sketches from my May 19th, 2012 observing trip to Pit n Pole.  Here they are and I'll just offer a few comments on them.

NGC 4826 or Messier 64, The Black Eye Galaxy;  May 19, 2012, Pit n Pole, UT; Antoniadi II, clear and cold; XX14i with 10mm, 7mm and 3.5mm Pentax XW. 
Large oval shape with a bright core region and an almost stellar nucleus.  Dark patch or the "black eye" West is just above the upper left corner, with north toward the bottom left corner.  The galaxy lies WNW to ESE (sorry the cardinal directions did not come out in the photo).  The first image is a photo I took of the sketch with the light on overhead.  I did correct the bright major star on the bottom but left the others alone.  The second sketch was taken with no lights but a background light in place and I like it better in that it conveys what I saw at the eyepiece more clearly, minus the fainter part of the galaxy that I drew is not present as much. You can decide which you like better. I will also state on both galaxies here, I much prefer the actual sketch to the photos taken of any of them that I present here.

 NGC 4826 or Messier 64 The Black Eye Galaxy Photo of sketch 2.

 NGC 4725 Spiral Galaxy in Coma Bernices.  Size: 10.7' x 7.6'; Mag. 9.9; May 19th, 2012; Pit n Pole, West Desert, Utah; Antoniadi II; XX14i with 10mm, 7mm and 3.5mm Pentax XW with Type I Paracorr;
Another one that Charles Messier missed and is a very impressive galaxy.  The galaxy has a large halo, with a small bright core region with a stellar nucleus. North is to the lower left corner (just above it) and spiral arms are seen in the NW portion with possible structure in the SE corner of the galaxy.  One that I would see again.