Astronomical Sketching Forum

I did something tonight that I hope people may see value in and will find a home at.  I made a forum dedicated solely to astronomical sketching.  Up front I'll state I get no money or compensation for this in any way.  It is there simply as a place for those who sketch to go, discuss and share their sketches, and I hope the techniques they use to create them.  I know I shared in my welcome something that I learned about this week with my own sketching.  It will be invaluable to me as I continue to grow in the Mellish method.  I also am hoping to film some of my sketching in the field, or if not in the field, as I re-create a sketch at home so others can see how I do it.  I also intend to post a couple of what I call start over Jay pieces. These are sketches I got to a point and realized that something was wrong or that I needed to start over.  Please share about your observation and the techniques you use while observing visually as well.  If you don't sketch, please feel free to come over and discuss visual observing as well.

I don't mean to take traffic from any site, I just felt it would be nice if those in the amateur astronomical sketching community had an entire forum to call home.  If there is a thread you want, let me know via a PM and I'll add it.  If you have other ideas let me know also.  If you hate the "skiin" or layout, let me know and if enough hate it, I can easily change it until we find one we may not all like but can agree to use.

So here is the link.  Hope to see some sketchers over there! By the way, if you've been in the astro sketching community for awhile, are someone I probably know from reading posts online or have emailed you,  and would like to volunteer to mod or I'll be looking for another admin as well, let me know.  It's not hard as I don't anticipate this site taking off in large numbers.

Oh, if you want the actual URL and not just a link, here is that:

I have good weather ahead through next week and the sign is up saying "Gone Observing and Fishing."  See you in a week or so.