Wide Field of Sagittarius Milky Way

Below you will find my first wide field sketch of a summer Milky Way Constellation of Sagittarius. I accomplished this using my naked eye and my 10x50 binoculars. This was done over the course of several nights in the West Desert of Utah with a few days in between due to weather.  Comments are welcome. I will also state it was nice to just go with an chair, an easel, clipboard and the binoculars and no telescope equipment.  It reminded me of how much can truly be seen just using a simple but decent pair of 10x50 binoculars.  Oh, I also used my 7x35 binoculars also.

In this image I took it a little farther back with the camera and it provides a larger view of the sketch.

This one is zoomed in a little closer and the lighting is a little brighter on it, but it shows more of the actual sketch.  You can decide which one you like as I find both interesting for a couple of reasons.  The one above is closer probably to the actual view while the one below shows just a tad more detail I think due to the lighting. I'm not sure if the stars in M7 are visible and M22 is too large, the white/gray pastel on the brush was a little much there.  I had to redo them after an initial placement with the Lagoon and Trifed.  M22 isn't that big in either sketch and my initial placement and size and brightness was closer to what I had seen.  It's better than I thought I could do.

The picture below was taken by a friend of mine, Daniel Turner a couple of years ago not at this location, but nearby at Pit n Pole.  You can compare the sketch to the image if you wish and see where my eyes are lacking or close.